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Crystallized Roots Movement

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Crystallized Roots Movement is a global tree planting initiative. I intend to plant Source Seeds across the world. Join me as we co-create Heaven on Earth.

digging holes for palnting trees
planting group party
source ssed trees planted in Costa Rica

Planting party with inventor of

Source Seeds, Jason Estes!

Green Forest

Is Your Soul Resonating with CRM?

There are many ways to get involved!

You can donate trees, time, money, or land.

Thanks for submitting!

The purpose of CRM is to plant trees with a higher biophoton count using Source Seeds. Source Seeds are tiny beads made from a magnetic material and designed to create biophotons (the byproduct of photosynthesis) and more living light for the world to use.


source seed trees.
Sugar maple tree planted in Fabius, NY 2023
tree planting in florida

The intention of the Source Seed is to assist the growth and connection of the trees and provide a new way to connect with the world and atmosphere, allowing for better weather patterns and less extreme events.

Fruit tree planted in Brooksville, FL 2023

crystallized roots movement | Crystallized Roots Movement

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