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Individual, Couple, & Family therapy

Beginning your therapeutic journey can evoke a range of emotions—anxiety, excitement, relief, and more. I am here to help you process these emotions at your own pace.

Whether you're seeking personal growth, navigating relationship dynamics, or addressing family challenges, my approach is rooted in creating a safe space for you to explore, understand, and transform. Together, we'll navigate this journey with sensitivity and compassion, fostering healing and growth.

M.P., New York

"The therapeutic space created by Brianna is like a warm hug to the soul. I have moments where I can be challenged to grow, but also moments where I can be soft and accept those things that I am struggling with." 

Your Journey of Ultimate Self Discovery and Healing

healing with nature holistcally

Individual Therapy

Feeling the call for change but unsure of where to begin? Your motivation to evolve is a powerful force, and I'm here to offer guidance and insight to help you navigate this transformative path. Together, we'll address past wounds, allowing you to embrace your authentic self. By tapping into your intuition and cultivating self-compassion, we unlock a radiant light within.

My approach is shaped by Internal Family Systems Therapy, a method that explores the intricate layers of your internal landscape. In our sessions, I blend this therapeutic approach seamlessly with guided meditations, breathwork, movement, and shamanic practices. This holistic combination is designed to nurture and illuminate every facet of your complex being.

Elevating Love

As a seasoned therapist with a heart-centered approach, I provide a safe and supportive space for couples to navigate challenges, enhance communication, and rekindle the flame of intimacy. Whether you're facing specific issues or seeking to strengthen your bond, my tailored sessions draw on a blend of traditional therapeutic techniques and cutting-edge approaches to guide you toward a harmonious and fulfilling relationship. Let’s heal in relationship as you witness each other’s vulnerability and learn to turn towards each other rather than away. The Gottman approach guides my couples therapy sessions. 

Couples therapy and couples coaching

Couples Therapy

Nurturing Your Family's Collective Strength

The synergy of a family is a force far more impactful than the sum of its individual members. In the intricate dance of familial dynamics, each member plays a unique role, akin to individual cells contributing to the vitality of a living organism. I extend an invitation for you and your family to co-create a secure and open space with me. Within this space, I facilitate the expression of each family member's thoughts and feelings. Together, we embark on a journey to uncover, or perhaps rediscover, the art of collaboration and harmonious teamwork. Let's explore the potential for your family to flourish as a cohesive and beautiful team. The Satir Method guides my family sessions.

family therapy

Family Therapy

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